"If the sun and moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out.." ~William Blake

June 19, 2013


Just an update to tell you whats going on here! Well we have had non stop rain for like 3 days here but I have finished planting all my pots around my house and of course made a lovely mess on our porch!

Yup garden photos!! :) A few of the things that are currently growing!! I have planted potatoes but they haven't come up yet! Hopefully soon though!

I have also been pulling up some of my bushy rhubarb plant and making pies and jam for my poppa! Lots of fun and hiding from the rain here! Hope you all are having a great week!! 

      Tasha )O(

June 12, 2013

Something old, something new. . . .

No this is not a wedding post! Although that has also been on my mind thanks to the fact one of my beautiful squishy friends will be getting engaged soon!! but I digress,

What I'm talking about is tatting! That's right bring on the questions, not really!  But of course when looking up wedding traditions and came across several with one being Irish lace (being Irish of course) on your wedding dress!  So of course, what is Irish lace? Well I can't describe it but I can show you!!


It is crocheted with ridiculously small needles and it has a cool 3-d effect! I has however become an almost unknown skill as it was created and primarily used during the potato famine in Ireland in the 1800's and has lost much favor since! But there are some special ladies around the world who are trying to keep it alive!

The other cool thing I found was tatting!! Less skill needed and three ways to do it!!

Its the cool loopy looking lace that is one of my personal favorites! I want to try and do the needle tatting because it looks "easier" but also because the only item needed is the needle!

Finally there is traditional lace making! But this looks so intense! Although it would be cool to make some of your own!!


Wanna check out some more cool tatting and lace? I have some posted on my Pinterest page here!! Enjoy and hopefully some of you will find a desire to bring back some of the lost skills of our grandparents!

      Tasha )O(