"If the sun and moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out.." ~William Blake

May 4, 2014


so with my new job starting a the beginning of next week and the idea that I will have large stable pay checks I am getting excited about things to buy!!  I mean its not like I don't have a huge list of things I want but this is one thing in particular I kick myself for not buying every time they go on sale and I have the money!!

I know some people who swear by their cell phones or point and shoots but I have used both and although you can get the odd amazing photo most kinda suck! So that leaves me with a DSLR or higher.  Which are not so cheap! Now I do not have the knowledge or experience to try and tell you which cameras are better and why.  Besides everyone and their cousin has an opinion! but I will show you the ones I ma looking at and some sites for why I chose them.

First is the Canon Rebel T3i

I have been able to "play" with these in stores and they feel alright in hand but are a little small for my big man hands! :P

here is a review from dp review (these guys do some amazing reviews and have great opinions!)

Nikon D800

This is a recommendation from Funky Junk and is her current camera. I have not seen this in stores but it looks quite large and mainly geared for use on a tripod.

Here are some recomendations by techradar as well as some things to look for if you are new to DSLRs

A list of best cameras for basic point and shoots to high end DSLRs

Some awesome tips from Funky Junk!!

and an amazing camera bag I would love to own!
Incase - DSLR Sling Pack

Is anyone else looking for a new camera? What are you looking at?

     Tasha )O(

April 5, 2014

Dream House ~ Master Bath

So its been a while since I posted about my dream house but it is always on my mind and I figured I would finish up the series! So this week is the master bath and just bathrooms in general.  It is a weird thing to be concerned about what your bathroom will look and feel like!

For me I am all about the serene spa like feel! I love the look of white and black with a little pop of colour! Then you have the hard cold stone with warm soft drapes and towels!! Just lovely, and honestly there is no other room like it in the house!

Small Bathroom Ideas

Beautiful Windows



I want this bathroom!


Shower and bath tub

In love...add a glass of wine

Home Decor

Beautiful! Like the open below for easy access for towels, maybe build a cabinet around the plumbing though


Coral vanity! Omg I love love love this :)

pretty bathroom love the colour and free standing tub!

herringbone marble floor

bathtub nook

cool bathroom idea, make-up drawer.

So this is what I am enjoying right now!! What do you like or want in a bathroom!?

      Tasha )O(

April 2, 2014

oil pulling

So if many of you have heard about the "new" fad oil pulling then this is probably nothing new to you! But for those of you who haven't heard let me enlighten you!  Oil pulling is an ancient technique, now I will not try and explain it as I am rather uneducated and others have researched and can explain it better!! Such as here, here, here, and here!

However I will enlighten you on some of the benefits, such as teeth strengthening and whitening, detoxify not only your mouth but your whole body, decrease acne and improve skin and hair look and feel.  Now I am not saying I believe all the hype but I thought I would try it and after I found some coconut oil on sale I thought why not try it! I had seen it on the usual places online (you know pinterest!) My main reason for trying this at this moment was because I currently have a tooth that is almost literally rotting out of my head! I know nasty business, go get it pulled! But I am really broke and can't afford that (trust me those were my first choices)!! But instead I decided to try oil pulling, and you know what it has started to work!

Now a few months back, maybe even a year back I decided to try this with olive oil and puked! the taste is very nasty and I was not looking forward to trying with the coconut oil! but the coconut oil has very little taste but it does have texture! even more gag worthy! The first few days I tried to melt it in my mouth and although the first day was fine the second and third time almost made me puke because of the texture!! So to continue I needed to melt the oil, plain and simple I just boil some water and place a small container with the oil in it into a larger container with the boiling water! think double boiler without the active boil!

So far I am on day 5 and my teeth are feeling a little better! I can now officially sleep through the night and not wake up in throbbing, go cry in the corner pain! So what I do is simply swish the oil around in my mouth, or just let it sit there sometimes, for about 20 minuets or 10 depending on time constraints and the like.  then you rinse with salt water, then brush and floss!  This is the blog I used, not the most scientific or anything but I simply needed more instructions other than swish oil! As for my tooth pain going away I don't know whether to attribute it to the oil pulling or the salt rinse! But I hope it keeps working as I can't stand to go back to the pain!!  The side effects though are pretty crappy! Quite literally, think cleanse! So we get a detox headache and a bad case of the runs! Please remember to drink lots of fluids and maybe start this on a week off!!

Please remember I have no claim to say you should or shouldn't do this but please take into consideration your health and possibly talk with your doctor!  Knowing your body and signs of detox and or overdose is helpful and highly recommended.

        Tasha )O(

March 29, 2014

Life and lemons

Honestly this is just going to be a long post about my life right now so if you want to skip it I don't blame you!  come back in a couple of days and I will hopefully have some cool posts for you!!

The age old adage of "when life gives you lemons make lemonade" is a good one! but to be honest unless life is also giving you water and sugar your lemonade is gonna suck! So first off an apology, I know I have been away for a while but when you have 6 hour classes three days a week then way too much homework you get kind of swamped! Recently I have been in preceptorship, which if you are unaware of what that is it is pretty much working full time with an RN! I know sounds like a blast!!  It really isn't and it makes you really tired when your RN changes her schedule constantly!! As I have just had a week off and am feeling a little rejuvenated I figured I would make this post as a little update and hopefully inspire me for topics to post here! Always a challenge!!

Recently I was in a little fender-bender where a woman hit my car and then was blaming me with it.  Always a blast to have ignorant people on the road! Either way my "new" car is now a write off because the value of it.  That is the lemon! the lemonade is I will get a pay out for the value of my car, either 500$ if ICBC deams it my fault or 1,000$ if its hers! lets hope they can tell it was her fault (because it was)!  This means i can hopefully get a new camera!!

           Maybe I can do a post about potential cameras!! Ideas

Some more "lemonade" is that I am passing preceptorship so far and am doing pretty good.  I still wish I was in acute care but you can only get so much! This is made all the better by the fact that I graduate at the end of April!! Super excited to be the first person in my immediate family with a bachelors degree!!

Within all the craziness at school and at home we always have time to discuss the fabeled plans for our farm.  Yup that's right we are working on what to do to the farm again! Spring brings this every year, you just want to start digging in the ground and get movement going! oh the joys of being tied to the past and being pagan! ;D

On top of all the other things happening my teeth have been killing me.  Sore to the point where I cant even sleep! :(  I have recently started oil pulling to try and keep the pain at bay, surprisingly it has been working.  I will defiantly post something about it later! Other than that life is just going along and I am surviving!