"If the sun and moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out.." ~William Blake

April 29, 2013

life keeps rolling

Well I'm home again and life is always fun here!  Everyone is stressed form whatever their deal is and my dad doled out some bad haircuts! I was NOT Impressed with mine! But alas I have developed a liking to it although it needs to be refined! As of right now though e are having a beautiful snow storm that has just dumped around 1" of snow and its still coming down heavy!! yuck!!

Yup that's us here in Twin Lakes on April 29th! Isn't it pretty!!  At least my orientation today is over the phone and I don't have to go anywhere! I can just cuddle on the couch with my cat and a warm wood fire! :)

 Hope everyone is having a great day!

Brightest Blessings
          Tasha )O(

April 19, 2013

Bucket list

Okay so today is my birthday and I am now 22! Partay!  Anyways I figured I would share with you a rather long list of things I want to do before I die!! (hopefully before 50! but we will see) So here is my list!

Be in a Victoria secret runway model
go to:
     Tim buck too,
     the Aztec temples,
     white beaches,
     all 7 continents before 40,
     Jason de caires taylors underwater sculpture garden in cancun
See something truly breathtaking
Participate in holi in India
     a frozen waterfall,
     a glacier,
     a live volcano
Kayak with seals, dolphins
Ride dressage on a Friesian in Victorian costume ;D
Bungee jump
Go to Cooney island
Dog sled
participate in the Iditarod or Yukon rush
Stand on both poles
Jump the equator
Ride a camel
Bellydance on a stage
Meet someone famous
Own a pair of louis vuitton
Wear only a trench coat for a day
Stay in an expensive hotel for a night
Go to a party like in the movies (black eyed peas style)
show my own collection at a fashion week
swim in a thermal pool
Get married
Shop in new York
Stand on top of the Eiffel tower
See the isle of Skye
smile everytime I wake up next to him!
Meditate with Buddhist monks
Get on pointe
scuba dive
Watch the sun rise
Build my dream house
Change someone's life forever!
Own a
      gypsy vanner
      Canadian Eskimo
go on safari
own something coco Chanel
experience a tornado or hurricane
learn at least 3 languages fluently
Go rock climbing and repel
learn to play the piano, violin, and chello
Visit the places on my pinterest board
Sleep with my boyfriend in a hammock in the garden for 1 night
Own an amazing pair of boots
Go to the Calgary stampede!
grow my hair down to my butt
Climb black tusk
Do the grouse grind
Camp with gypsies in a vardo

Yes I know its long and sounds like a lot of fun!!  What about you sexy readers?  Whats on your bucket list?!

Blessed Be
       Tasha )O(

April 10, 2013

OMG the rain!

Good morning people,

So today is my nanny's birthday(rip) and it is a torrential down pour! If I was Christian it would be the second coming! So as I am sleep deprived, feeling sad, and lacking cuddles with a full day of work and thinking in front of me I really just want to sign off and go home to sleep right now!  It is just another day that I wish I had a boyfriend to cuddle!

But I digress I did OFFICIALLY get my ESN(employed student nurse) job yesterday!! I am real excited about it because this means I will be able to finish school and have a highly likely job when I graduate!! :D Can't wait to get back home at the end of the month and start working!!

Hope you all have better weather than me and don't have a full day of class and work!

April 4, 2013


Hello everyone!
I hope you are all doing well! Today I thought I would share another one of my many interests, Owls!  They are beautiful and graceful and simply otherworldly.

The most striking animal meaning for the owl is its deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. If you have the owl as a totem or spirit animal, you’re likely to have the ability to see what’s usually hidden to most. When the owl guides you, you can count on the power of this spirit animal to see beyond illusion and deceit to access the true reality. Owl spirit animals also offer wisdom about the unknown and life’s magic.

Photo: Northern spotted owl

     Tasha )O(

April 3, 2013


Now if you cant tell by the fact I am super plush I like food! no LOVE is more like it! I mean who doesn't love at the end of a long or frustrating day and digging into a nice bowl of comfort food, or those Sunday night dinners!  Everyone has those memories and they are great! So here are a few of my favorite foods!!

Chinese food has to be my favorite!! I love it and it is popular in our house because well part of my family is Asian! Dim sum is my personal favorite along with stir fry and war of wanton soup!!

Indian food is really good, if you have never had it go try some!! Curry is great when combined with chicken, naan, and some great yogurt dip!!


Homemade!  Okay I know there are no photos for this but honestly I am scarfing on it as soon as it is ready! Especially homemade scalloped potatoes, or mac and cheese.

And baking will be a whole nother story!

Blessed Be
      Tasha )O(