"If the sun and moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out.." ~William Blake

January 31, 2012

Fruitful new years restitution

That's right! I finally have started and kept with a new years resolution!! About time eh?!  Any who, my resolution this year was to get fit and healthy.  Then I realized that I would never do that! I just accept myself and give up, so I changed it! My resolution is to be able to beat my "little" brother my the time I have to go back to school in September! This way I have a goal that I will stick with.  So I have been working on it and I have a routine(50 jumping jacks, 5 push ups, 20 crunches, 20 leg raises, 40 mountain climbers(20 each side), and a 30 second plank! I do it twice 3 times a day!), support, and also a great little tracker that makes sure my fluffy butt sticks with it!
 Right now my ginger ass is sore but it will get better!! Will post results when there are some! <3

They Called Me Fat.                    

    Hope your new years resolutions are working and that they keep doing so!
          Tasha <3

January 23, 2012


I love wolves, all wolves!  Unlike most people I do not feel that wolves threaten life or ecological equilibrium. They are a wonderful symbol of nature and pure wilderness.  I was so happy to be able to go the Northern Lights Wolf Center in Golden and learn about the killings that had happened in Banff National Park and in Yellow Stone Park.  With all the negative hype surrounding wolves there are some who are endangered such as the red wolf.  This requires us to think not of simple how they are a "negative" effect they have on human existence and agriculture.  Wolves need to have protected lands and be protected from those who would harm them.

For more information about wolves you can go to the Norther Lights Wolf Center or to the World Wildlife Federation websites for information about wolves and how to help them!

Photo: Gray wolves playing

Photo: South American gray fox at dusk

Photo: Profile of a Mexican gray wolf

red wolf

I want to adopt a wolf as well as help and defend the wolves in my area!  I will hopefully be able to get a post up soon with more details on wolves and other endangered species!

         Blessings and love

January 18, 2012


Today my home was hit with a 4.6 magnitude quake at was felt across the entire interior! Everyone is fine but it still reminds you of how much you love and care for everyone and how helpless you are to help them when your away!  Being at school and living in dorms really makes you think about homes and who you would want to live with, ect.  So here are some pics of what I want in a dream house!

baskets under stairs

Practical Magic movie kitchen set

Derek's Practical Magic kitchen 1

Derek's Practical Magic kitchen-islandDerek's Practical Magic kitchen 4

Master bedroom with fireplace

Neutral Oasis

CottStyleSpr04_Living room with large stones around fireplace

selke mudroom--overall

common area w/ tub

bathroom sinks

ahhh for the love of home! <3

Hope you all enjoyed!

January 15, 2012


Hey everyone, hope all is going well for you! Life is, well life!  The first week of school is done and over with and I'm tired of it all already! Classes are boring friends are gone and I'm missing my fabulous new coffee group! :O  So we shall do no whining! I thought I would share with you some thing that I enjoy, Gypsy! :)  I love everything gypsy! Vardos, clothing, music, style! ahh what is there not to love about the gypsy lifestyle!  Complete freedom and nature.  So here are some pics of vardos, vanners and some gypsy style.



I love these and want one for my garden! :)


I can't wait till I have a farm and can buy one of these guys! love them!



Now that you are as hopelessly in love with everything gypsy as I am, go enjoy and I will see you again soon!

January 5, 2012

New year

Well I havent posted in a while, and I'm sorry, but life has been way too hectic and I have had no time! Although I have thought of it but once again no time! Life though has been rough! Family fights, no money, bad grades and medical problems! yay for life!  But we had a nice family christmas with few presents and a great new year! we had the largest bonfire and the best fireworks in our little valley!!  that and of course getting lots of sleep!! :D

I have some great news though! Well for me that is! I now have a wiccan coffee group I attend!! and I have also downloaded 3 great wiccan books! 
So now I have been studying some more and sleeping to try and regain my senses.

Things to try this month
     so I'm now gonna try and practice and read something each month unrelated to school, and also some crafty things I would like to do!
- finish reading my current book
- ground myself
- meditate each week
- do a crayon canvas!

Well now off to find more cool things on pinterest and google making baskets!
Blessed Be,