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April 5, 2014

Dream House ~ Master Bath

So its been a while since I posted about my dream house but it is always on my mind and I figured I would finish up the series! So this week is the master bath and just bathrooms in general.  It is a weird thing to be concerned about what your bathroom will look and feel like!

For me I am all about the serene spa like feel! I love the look of white and black with a little pop of colour! Then you have the hard cold stone with warm soft drapes and towels!! Just lovely, and honestly there is no other room like it in the house!

Small Bathroom Ideas

Beautiful Windows



I want this bathroom!


Shower and bath tub

In love...add a glass of wine

Home Decor

Beautiful! Like the open below for easy access for towels, maybe build a cabinet around the plumbing though


Coral vanity! Omg I love love love this :)

pretty bathroom love the colour and free standing tub!

herringbone marble floor

bathtub nook

cool bathroom idea, make-up drawer.

So this is what I am enjoying right now!! What do you like or want in a bathroom!?

      Tasha )O(

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