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June 12, 2012

Russia the mother land

Zdravstvuj my friends and welcome to my post of all things Russia! Russia just happens to be one of my many loves, including wolves, horses, costumes, and crafts!  You get the picture! I love a lot of things!!
So lets continue on with Russia! The land, the people the clothing!! costume and not, the animals and the Language!!

The Land
     Russia is a large diverse land.  It ranges from low lands and meadows to high mountains and marshes.  

     The people of Russia are almost as diverse! There are the Mongolians, native Russians and a list of immigrants.  

The Clothing


This hat is WAY to pretty to have been worn by a man! *nod*

Russian Girl with Bread

These are costumes from central Russia…
This is north Russia….
These are of south Russia…

      The Animals range so widely it can be hard to fathom them all coming from the same country!

Siberian musk deer

polar bears

Yellow-throated marten

     The Language in Russia consists of some 100 languages spoken among its people.  The top 3 languages are Russian, followed by Tatar and Ukrainian.  They written from of Russian is Cyrillic, and it looks like this:

Das vi danya friends!  And remember learning and loving Russia is easy! 

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