"If the sun and moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out.." ~William Blake

October 8, 2012


I love movies, and books, and the costumes that come with that!  Yes I'm crafty and I LOVE sewing and pattern drafting!  So all the better for me.  I thought you all would enjoy seeing some of the costumes I would absolutely love to make but sadly do not have the time of funds to realize! So here they are my top 5 costumes!! (not that they are in any order per say!)

Arwen's Chase Outfit from Lord of the Rings


Susan's acrhery dress from Narnia

Amelia's arrival dress from Underworld

I would LOVE a hybrid of these two dresses!!

Marcus' kilt from Underworld

I know it's not a great picture of it but it is the best one! :S

And of course a little something from star wars! ;D

Love this cloak and it will defiantly show up again!

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