"If the sun and moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out.." ~William Blake

February 13, 2011


With valentines day tomorrow I find it interesting to think about what it means and how we celebrate it. I have heard countless arguments that it is only a consumers holiday, and a time to sell goods after Christmas! I find this such a sad view, no matter how true, and I believe that it should be thought of as a time just to say I love you without ridicule and a day to have fun with loved ones.  As I am in dorms at university I have a "secret sister", and as such have to get her a valentines gift! Having found many things I could have done I settled on making her some home made headbands and a card and getting her a little primrose plant.  Although this may not sound like a lot it doesn't have to be! It is the thought and love that goes into the gift that matters! <3 As for me on valentines? Well I am going out for a "singles party" with a bunch of friends including bowling and dinner!
This day though makes me want to spend time with those I'm closest to in nature.  I enjoy the acres of land we have back home and the time we spend together there.  It also reminds me of the goddess of love and beauty Branwen as I am getting to know and understand the deities I find a stronger pull to my path and the love and joy it brings me.  Blessed be and love on your valentines day.

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