"If the sun and moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out.." ~William Blake

September 24, 2011


So I had shut down this blog and thought I would never blog EVER because nothing great happens in my life that is worth sharing. I have read many blogs and have friends that blog and can't figure out how they do it?! Well I have now decided looking at my life that I really can blog, I just need to do it! I will now recap recent days of fun and hell.

So Thursday was a REALLY crappy day that ended up great then back to crap.  It started out by being really rainy, cold and just plain ugly! A couple girls in my class though had decided that we needed to get ice cream at this AMAZING little dairy farm right across the border.  I agreed so we went even though it was anti-ice cream weather.  Nothing super eventful about that except the amazing ice cream and what my lovely friend said when coming back to our beloved Canada.  We were asked what we had done across the line, ice cream, duh! and then were asked if we were bringing anything else back? Well our driver answers "Yes, CLASS"!! The wonders of a tiered, sugared mind!! As we laugh our asses off for the entire 20 min drive back to school for class, we walk into the building and down the stairs to the door to the nursing when when our driver announces that someone will have to open the door because her hand had ice cream all over it, to promptly respond with "Hey! I have a second hand!" This of course prompted a second onslaught of laughter that continued for the rest of the day!!  The laughs caused us to re-think if were actually bringing class back to Canada or if we were importing said class!! Resulting in "We don't have class, we import it!!"

As the laughs continued on and we went to our separate classes I went out to the store, bad idea right there.  After I was done I went out to leave and my car wouldn't start, go figure!  So I call and text everyone I know to get a rid and possible help, well no!! I got laughed at by my ohh so loving cousin, and denied by almost everyone except my super amazing uncle P! Well lets just say much anger, a new relay and $80 later the beloved piece of crap caravan now works!  Praise be to the Goddess for that!

As for the rest of the week it as been pretty uneventful and crowded with classes and homework.  Plus a "fun" art project called 'blind contour drawings'.  If you have every heard this term, good for you, if not it is essentially that you look at an object and draw it without looking at your paper!! Yea, hard!  but fun none the less cuz it brings those art majors down to the same level as the rest of us!!

Well that is life for now! Wishing you all a blessed weekend!

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