"If the sun and moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out.." ~William Blake

January 15, 2012


Hey everyone, hope all is going well for you! Life is, well life!  The first week of school is done and over with and I'm tired of it all already! Classes are boring friends are gone and I'm missing my fabulous new coffee group! :O  So we shall do no whining! I thought I would share with you some thing that I enjoy, Gypsy! :)  I love everything gypsy! Vardos, clothing, music, style! ahh what is there not to love about the gypsy lifestyle!  Complete freedom and nature.  So here are some pics of vardos, vanners and some gypsy style.



I love these and want one for my garden! :)


I can't wait till I have a farm and can buy one of these guys! love them!



Now that you are as hopelessly in love with everything gypsy as I am, go enjoy and I will see you again soon!

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