"If the sun and moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out.." ~William Blake

March 13, 2012

Weight loss

Hello All,

Life has been a little crazy and unproductive lately.  Well not so much unproductive just unmotivated. I have however signed up for a wiccan study class with some girls back at home and am very excited for that! So as you probably read in an earlier post I have been trying to work hard on my weight loss but I will admit that I have been lazy for the last while and eating "badly"! But I have lost 15 pounds so far!! That's right, I have gone from 275 to 260 in about 2 months!! :D I'm so happy and back to kicking myself in the butt and moving!! Also trying really hard to cut out the processed food and coffee!!  Remember you need inspiration!! I found this blog, http://fitmindandbody.tumblr.com, and it has lots of "thinspiration"! Enjoy and good luck on your journey!

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