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November 29, 2013

Dream House ~ Craft room

For anyone who does crafts or has any kind of hobby you will agree when I say you need a place where you passion can explode and then you can close the doors and no one can say anything!!  Because doing projects on the dining room table or on the porch can lead to some arguments! As I do both little paper crafts, sewing, and big wood work power tool crafts I would need both spaces, but for this post we will just focus on the paper, paint, crayon crafts! Now I need lots of table space because I am visual and everything needs to be splayed out! Like a museum!! ;D next I need TONS of storage(I am also a craft supplies hoarder!)

Craft Room traditional home office


craft room shelving ~ so need a room like this!!

Such an amazing craft room!! :O

two years' of post in and i can't stop reading. this woman is the queen of crafty, super cheap, easy, brilliant organization ideas.

paper storage

And although I'm sure some people would love their office in their craft room or not, I'm on the not side!! So here is some home office inspiration!!

gorgeous home office

There's nothing like a good lambskin...

Desk area

office... a his and hers

Well that's all for now!! What would you need in your craft room to make it perfect??

      Tasha )O(

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