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November 11, 2013

Please Remember

Today I feel the need to post this as today is an important day! Today is Remembrance day!  If you do not know this shame on you! I feel strongly about this day as many of my family members have served in the military and the fact that Canadians have died for my right to sit here and write this blog and live the life I do.  Many of them had parents and wives and children and they gave their lives to protect us and our rights!

Now the idea that I can only wear a poppy for 11 days in November to show people that I remember what Canadian soldiers fought and died for is absurd!  The poppy is a visual cue for all those around me to know that I respect and appreciate the greatest sacrifice that a man or woman can make for their fellow countrymen and families!

I have been scolded and called rude for wearing my poppy after November the 11th and as such do not wear it on my person after then but that does not mean that I don't see or appreciate what those people gave up for us! I think that as a country we should reconsider why we wear the poppy and what it truly stands for!

I know the symbol of the little red poppy over the heart means something different to many countries but we should all be able to appreciate the sacrifice of fellow countrymen for the values they lost their lives for.  Please take a moment today at 11 and remember those who lost their lives to protect you and yours!

Lest we forget.

      Tasha )O(

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