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December 25, 2013

Holiday Hoobla ~ Snowflakes and Christmas trees!

YAY its Christmas time! Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule and all the rest! This week is obviously a pre post! sorry but I love spending time with my family and this is my time with them! go enjoy your family!! Here are a few ideas for some cool snowflakes, tree trimming for next year, and some yummy breakfast treats to try in the next few days!

Christmas tree decorations


Holiday Hack #1 Use 2 different bulb sizes

Brighten Up a Banister

sometimes, you just don't want people at your PARTY to go upstairs...genius!

Style your stairway with beautifully decorated garland at the base around the spindles instead of the normal railing dressing. The result is stunning and you can actually hold onto the railing while on the stairs.

Paper snowflakes

Doctor Who snowflakes.

how to cut snowflakes

Do you decorate your tree with colours in mind or just use all your decorations?!

      Tasha )O(

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