"If the sun and moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out.." ~William Blake

March 27, 2013


As the full moon is upon us again I figured it would be nice to share some found wisdom about the moon.  It doesn't matter whether it is a full moon, new moon, waxing moon or waning moon, all phases of the moon are beautiful! I love the moon, it is beautiful and a symbol of the goddess and gives us all strength! One can not miss the huge impact that it has on us everyday. Enjoy!

Wolf moon – January
The wolf moon occurs in the deep winter symbolizing a time of darkness and hunger. It is a good time for practicing psychic abilities and lucid dreaming. It is also a good time for concentrating on personal goals. This moon is also known as snow moon or quiet moon.
Herbs that correspond to this moon are Marjaram and Holy Thistle.
Crystals are Onyx, Garnet and Jet.
Animals are the fox and the Coyote.
Deities include Freya and Inanna.

Storm Moon - February
Also known as ice moon is a time for purification, growth and healing.
Herbs are Balm of Gilead, Hyssop, Myrrh,and Sage
Crystals are Amethyst and Jasper
Animals are the otter and the eagle
Deities include Diana and Brigit

Chaste Moon - March
A time for new beginnings and seeing the truth
Herbs are Yellow Dock and High John Root
Crystals are Bloodstone and Aquamarine
Animals are boar and Hedgehog
Deities are Minerva, The Morrigan, and Athene

Seed Moon – April
The April moon sees a time for change, boosting self confidence and building on opportunity. It is also a good time for working on temper flare-ups
Herbs are Basil, Dragon's blood, and Geranium
Crystals are Ruby and Garnet
Animals are the bear and the wolf
Deities include Kali, Ceres and Venus

Hare Moon - May
This is a good time for intuition and strengthening you connection with the elementals
Herbs are mint, thyme rose ans yarrow
Crystals are Malachite, Amber and Carnelian
Animals are cats big and small
Deities include Maia, Artemis, Pan and the horned God

Dyad Moon – June
Dyad is an archaic word meaning pair. It is a good time for decision making and prevention. It is also a time to reward your personal strengths
Herbs are vervain, parsley and skullcap
Crystals are agate and topaz
Animals are the monkey, toad, frog and butterfly
Deities include Cerridwen and Isis

Mead Moon -July
Time for preparation, divination and working towards spiritual goals
herbs are Lemon Balm honeysuckle and agrimony
Crystals are moonstone pearl and white agate
Animals are turtle dolphin and whale
deities include Khepera, Athene and Cerridwen

Wort Moon – August
Is a time to appreciate vitality and health
Herbs are Camomile, bay and fennel
Crystals are jasper and carnelian
Animals are lion dragon
deities include Hathor, and Hecate,

Barley Moon – September
Is a time to clean away spiritual emotional and physical debris
Herbs are rye, wheat, and copal
Crystal is citrine
Animals are the snake and the jackel
Deities include Ceres, Isis, Thoth, and Freya

Blood Moon – October
Is a time to practice inner peace
Herbs include thyme catnip burdock
Crystals are opal, tourmaline beryl and turquoise
Animals are the stag, the ram and the scorpion (sometimes elephant)
\deities include Demeter and Lakshmi

Snow Moon – November
A time for transformation and communication
Herbs are betony and borage
Crystals are topaz and lapis lazuli
Animals are the scorpion and the crocodile
Deities include Kali, Hecate and Osiris

Oak Moon – December
Is a time of rebirth and a time for reach out to those in need
Herbs are holly, english ivy, fir, and mistletoe
Crystals are peridot, jacinth, and serpentine
Animals are the mouse, deer, and the horse
Deities include Hathor, Hecate, Athene, Minerva and Osiris

Blue Moon – Occurs when two full moons appear in one month
Its a time of prophecy and communicating with the dead

      Tasha )O(

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