"If the sun and moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out.." ~William Blake

March 16, 2013

I'm Sorry

Hello Lovelies!

First I would like to apologize for not being on here for the last little while! Life and school got way too heavy and blogger started acting up and wouldn't let me on! :( So what happened you may ask?! Well back in August 2012 I lost one of the most important people in my life and was deeply affected! My whole family was crushed and it took a while to get over.  Truthfully I'm still not over it! But I had to move past that and go to school, where 3 weeks in I found out the school cancelled my student loan and I had to move off campus! I will be forever blessed that my aunt and uncle took me in the wonderful people I go to school with chipped in and raised money for the first emergency payment I had to make!! I could not have done it without them! <3 Then in November I had tried to get on here to let you all know what had happened and blogger wouldn't let me on! :S Very stressful but alas I continued on and now am back!! With Spring here, somewhat, and Ostara just around the corner what better of a time to come back! Re-birth and renewal my friends!

So here are some things I am thinking about for Ostara:

- Maybe I will get some candles and light them for the goddess.

- make a pledge to return to studying Wicca and finding my path there.

- Bake something! It has been too long since I made something from scratch and this is the perfect time!

And the next month before school is out:

- well this one is simple! Homework, homework, paper, and exams! Ugh I hate school but Love nursing!

And for the summer:
- well I was hoping to get some animals but then upon further reflection we need to build a new barn and pens! So that means I need to do a LOT of work and spend a bunch of money before I can get any! :(

- LOSE WEIGHT!! this will happen this summer! My friend and I are even going to do kickboxing! :D

- Get a job! Now let us all praise I get a job this summer or school might be cancelled next year!

- Garden! I can't wait to get into my gardens this year and continue on the great tradition left to me by my Nanny! :) Lets hope its a good year for planting!

Wow just so busy!! But don't you worry I will ensure to get some post all qued up so that there wont be such a long break again!! Love you all so much and have a fabulous Saturday!
Blessed be
       Tasha )O(

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