"If the sun and moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out.." ~William Blake

August 5, 2013

Questions about love

Hello my Loveies sorry for being a little absent but I make an awesome lazy hermit and I tend to like to rock that part of me!

First a quick update!  My daddy just got home last night and I couldn't be happier that he is home!! My potato plants are huge and will probably be pulled up sometime this week so that we can eat them! I only have 4 shifts left of work and I have to go back to school next month!! Dear goddess the summer went by fast!!  I can't wait to be done with school! Tired of all the Christian mumbo jumbo and nonsense they try and feed me!! Yuck!

Second the post about love! Now I claim to be no expert! Hell I don't even have a boyfriend! nope not even a possibility!! I know!! And as I serf the black hole that is the internet I come across all this garbage about how to the perfect girlfriend or how to get a man to fall in love with you and all I can think of is how in the hell did we get here?? I mean why on earth must I change who I am and how I act to be considered a "catch"! Not saying that anything these people say are true or need to be done, but it seems to be a large consensus that we as people are not good enough how we are!! And that we should change so that we can look like the models in ads and adjust out personalities so we act like Princess Kate or Grace!

I'm sorry but I'm not a size 2! Hell I'm not even a size 10! I swear, drink, tell lude jokes and think they are funny! I perpetuate the gender roles when it suits me and scream women's lib when it suits me as well!! I am completely insecure about myself, I like to stay home and get dirty, watch movies and fight like a guy.  I hate dresses and dates and the idea that I should count every moment I with or away from those I love! Hey I forget how old I am sometimes! I'm not perfect but who the hell is?! Everyone is flawed and those who say they are not are lying!!

There is no perfect woman and no perfect men(don't fall for the same ploy)!  All you can hope to find is someone imperfect who fits perfectly into your life!! I don't think I should have to change most of the things that make me me just so that someone MAY like me!! If you like me that's great if not well I probably don't like you either! If someone really likes me and I like them I would change some of my ways but not all, and definitely not the things that make me up!!  Don't let anyone tell you you are not perfect the way you are! We need to end this vicious cycle of telling each other were not worthy!!

You are freaking special and I love you the way you are!!

      Tasha )O(

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