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September 3, 2013

Projects and life

So I know I have been away for a while and i apologize for that and will defiantly try and get more things posted soon!!  for right now I'm just going to give you an update because I am waiting for some wonderful photos to upload so i can share with you!!! So you will see 2 projects coming up! potentially int he post depending on how it loads!!

But for right now let me show you this fabulous collar I knitted and the fabulous hat my best friend EVER crochet for me!!

I know right i look so fabulous with out makeup or my hair done!! But aren't they nice!! I will be rocking these all fall and winter!! I hear you ask is that a new hair cut?! Why yes it is!!! When I finally feel like doing my hair I will post a pic! The inspiration came from here!

  But now back to my lovely accessories!! It took me around 2 weeks to knit the collar for a combination of the reason i was knitting after work and this was the first time I have knitted since I was like 12!! so yea!! There are lots of mistakes but I love it!! the scarf is 70 stitches wide and folded in half so i can tie it with ribbon which is woven and tied in place, and its around 24 inches long!! I was originally was going to knit a shawl but found out that would take FOREVER!! It was supposed to look like this! This woman has some amazing stuff on her etsy shop and will defiantly shop there in the future!! 

My best friend crochet the hat in one evening because she knows how to crochet and I do not!! she made it from this pattern with some yarn I got at walmart!! I love it and it is nice and warm!! I love my friends!! <3
As for what I am currently up to well I'm packing for school and hating it!! so I am taking a break drink wine and eating my feelings while blogging!! YAY!! I will have lots of fun post for you soon!!!

      Tasha )O(

Look I found a photo!! :O

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