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July 26, 2013


So as you can tell by all my previous post I am slightly obsessed with horses, and yes it is all because of my poppy!  I love horses so much, and to ride one feels so freeing!! There are many beautiful horses out there and I could go on forever about them but I will restrain myself!  So lets start the list with my fuzzy favorite

The Icelandic Horse

Arnt they so cute!!  The Icelandic horse some times called a Tolt, because of its unique gait, is pony sized at times and has five gaits two of which are unique to the tolt!  Characteristics differ between various groups of Icelandic horses, depending on the focus of individual breeders. Some focus on animals for pack and draft work, which are conformationally distinct from those bred for work under saddle, which are carefully selected for their ability to perform the traditional Icelandic gaits

Gypsy Vanner

Vanners are a gorgeous breed developed in Ireland and England and can be called Cob, Coloured Cob, Gypsy Cob, Gypsy horse, irish Cob, or Tinker Horse! They have several distinguishing features including being of Light draught horse build, often with pinto spotting pattern, though no coat colour standard, feather on lower legs.  They can be used under saddle or for pulling carriages or Vardos.  The majority of vanners are bred and sold by rominichals in England and Ireland. They are so pretty and have an old world charm to them! 



Friesians are both beautiful and versatile being of large enough stature to pull carriages and but used under saddle for a variety of fairs including dressage, reenactments, and costuming.  They are beautiful solid black with thick manes and feathering on their legs.  They look incredibly regal and from another era!


Rocky mountain Horse

Personally I just like these guys because they look like wild mustangs and they name of course is awesome!



I love Arabians! I had an Arabian cross before and she was so beautiful and a blast to ride! They are fast and agile but unfortunately they are head strong and hot blooded!  well so am I and that makes for a slightly bad combo! Arabians were traditionally bred by the nomadic Bedouin tribes in the Arabian desert and are thus meant for that climate! This makes them amazing endurance horses!


So what is your favorite breed?

       Tasha  )O(

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