"If the sun and moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out.." ~William Blake

April 13, 2012

From stress to rest and back to stress!

Well I just got back to school yesterday and lets just say that I really wish I didn't have to come back! I love being home.  I mean before I went home I was having sleeping, eating and countless other problems!  This is also evident by me only having a 5 pound loss in 6 weeks! But besides that, I go home for 4 days and all is cured!  I got to work with my horses, bake, cook, relax, do some burning and some scratching in my garden! And it was wonderful!  Now I'm back down here with all this rain and concrete and feeling as frustrated as ever!  Oh well, only a few more weeks and I'm home for the summer.  Of course now I have the stress of finding a job for the next 4 months but what can you do!

While I was at home though it was strange because I found a new connection to the Goddess and God!! When I'm at school I feel so disconnected from everything but as soon as I go home the connection comes right back!! I personally love it but I need it all the time!! It centres and balances me like nothing else.  I am joining a Wiccan class to try and help me find, well more define, my path in this world. I hope it works!

Also I loved being able to play in my garden!! Nothing beats waking up at 7 in the morning and going to play in your garden and see the new life sprouting up and having the birds the only noise you hear.  It truly is peaceful and a blessing to be able to do that! I am so excited though to get back home and get planting!! It will be wonderful!! If I can remember to water them of course!!  It will mostly just be nice to get back and connect with nature!!

Well I have to get back to my current reality and do some work! So brightest blessings and love in your life and on your path!
                 Tasha <3

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