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April 28, 2012

planting and gardening

The two best things in my life were taught to me by my nanny and poppy and that is horses and gardening!  That's right those are my favourite things!! Well other than my home and family but yea ya know.  So here are some of my favourite things that need to be in a garden and some beautiful gardens that are online and in my photo albums!

So let us start with some basics of what one should consider before starting or replanting a garden.  Yea yea I know "we all know this already! get to your likes!" Wellll NO! You must read on, or of course scroll down!  Meh do what you want! I shall continue.

So let us start with size! Yes ladies size is important! ;D  The size of your garden can range from a couple small containers to half an acre or more.  Just remember that the larger it gets the more work you have to do, so consider how much time each week you have to dedicate to you garden.

We also need to consider location.  The location determines plant varieties, watering schedules, children and pets, and also the amount of work needed depending on said varieties.  So you more or less have 3 choices for location full sun, part sun, full shade! easy!

Finally we get to plants.  So you need to make decisions on what kind of plants you want.  You can go veggies, flowers, or shurbeery!

Now let me show you some of my favourites!!!

Sunflowers, dahlias, lilacs, lavender, snowdrops, hydrangeas, forget-me-nots, cosmos, gerber daisies, peony, sweet williams, roses, lilies


Need some better ideas than what I have here for flowers? Try online, your local gardening store or here!

Remember no matter how daunting a garden may seem or may get you will win!! it is nothing more than a flesh wound!

I will another post up soon with my favourite garden plans and installations and hopefully some pictures of my gardens at home!

           Happy gardening!!

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