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May 27, 2013

our farm

So as you can I live on a farm here in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.  It is gorgeous here most days and we already have a mostly functioning farm.  Years ago we used to raise cattle but then stopped because we weren't able to make money at it.  We have always had horses and chickens but resonantly just got rid of them because of bear problems and money problems!

We do have the ability to do many things but need to make many improvements including:
       - step the land and create terraces
       - create a new drive way hopefully linned with some gorgeous trees!
       - build new homes
       - build new barns and out buildings
       - drill for geothermal
       - buy animals of course!

You know only a few cheap changes!  Plus we are a little land locked and I would like to buy the 2 pieces of land that are between us and the road!  Well I can tell you what I would want to do with it!!
       - plant fruit trees including peach, nectarine, and apple
       - put up at least 3 green houses and use hydroponics to grow green onions or bok choy to sell
       - raise some pigs, chicken or reindeer to slaughter and sell

For my own private home I would like to try raising
       - a small jersey cow
       -  maybe some dairy goats
       - grow 70% of my food
       - be able to make my own soaps and detergents and cleaning products
       - to have bear and sled dogs

Yea I know light weight eh!  Well that's the end goal at least! change everything and try it all!

Does anyone else have any homesteading or house dreams?!
              Tasha )O(

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