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May 31, 2013

Things I want!

I know I talk about a lot of things that I want on here but honestly why not! I mean I see so many cool things on other blogs that I want to why not try and create some of that here!! So here is a list of things I just want or cool things on other blogs that I love!

From me:

 A proper camera! a cannon rebel T3-i

A new Ipod

I love it in pink!!

A Pony of course! and a puppy!
American Cocker Spaniel


This house!

 The Chatham House - Plan #:DDWEBDDCS-M7550A4S-0 - By:CornerStone Designs
Chatam House: isn't it pretty

Things from other blogs:

Stamps! I would love to make my own and this woman is amazing!!

get this homesteading thing going!

homesteading self sufficiency 
The Essential Homestead
Using essential oils and herbs instead of medications!

Home Sweet Home

The Herbwife's Kitchen

Methow Valley Herbs

What things do you guys want or want to do?

        Tasha )O(

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