"If the sun and moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out.." ~William Blake

May 22, 2013

workout through life

So life has been kinda hectic since coming home! my family is all over the place and fighting and using me as their buffer!!  Because that is exactly what I need while I'm working!  But alas work is going well, different but good.  I only wish life would slow down and just relax!or maybe just my family!

Right now all I want to do is garden!! But without money and with the constant rain it makes it hard! But hopefully in a few days it will clear up and I can plant all my lettuce and flowers!! :) as for right no though my brother and I are thinking about starting a workout routine!! Now this should be interesting considering we are both rather plush!!

Okay now I'm no expert and just starting! So first off I lack this magical motivation everyone takes about, but hopefully my brother can kick my butt and keep me motivated! Because it does not exsist in my body! so these are some of the things i am doing or going to try to do this summer!

run! ewww running!!
        My brother really brought this one to the for front! So we are going to try the couch to 5K and see how well it goes! We will hopefully start today when he gets home from work.  

       Now I really hope that me and one of my friends will get into kickboxing this summer but we will have to see how money goes and if our schedules will match up! Always the trick right!! ;)

     well mostly because I need to be able to stretch out and release a bunch of my tension! plus one of my friends is all into yoga and really wants me to join her!

weight training
      okay so my weird brother is into this and has a cute little set of neoprene ones that I have confiscated  I want to try and use them more to be tone! plus I'm sure my little bro is already planning on including this in our running program!

Well that's all for now! Hopefully you are all keeping busy as well!!

                Tasha )O(

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