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July 23, 2013

Horse back Archery

Horse back archery is an intense and competitive sport that requires horse and rider to be in sink with one another.  Your horse must first of all have a steady gait and be calm first and foremost.  The rider must be able to hold themselves steady on horse back and have a knowledge of archery and be able to hit the target! The Flying Duchess has some great tips and lessons!!
Equipment is "basic":
               A horse and tack
               bow and arrows
               a field to shoot in
               a target
There are many cool types of bows to choose from! Here are a few to look at if you are considering mounted archery!

Eastern Horse Bow SG-033
An Eastern Horse Bow
A Basic Horse Bow


Some of the bows from the Flying Duchess
Lynx II Hungarian Horse Bow     Magyar Sport Horse Bow   Kaya Korean Horse Bow   Kahn Korean Traditional Horse Bow

Traditionally a horse bow is a style of recurve bow due to the fact that it is shorter and will not interfere with your riding or hit your horse!

You can find additional information on mounted archery and horse bows here and here and here!

Hopefully I have inspired you to do something new!!

     Tasha )O(

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