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July 15, 2013

Some of my Favorite Books

Hope everyone is doing well! Life here is stable for the moment and hopefully will stay that way!!

          Now I am a total nerd and love to read!! Now I have read literally hundreds of books so far but these are some of my favorites and just good reads!!

hp - Now in fairness just about everyone has read this series in some small part and to be fair I read it about 7 years ago and have not read the last 2 books! Mostly because of cost and lack of interest! now yes they are good and yes I did watch the movies but honestly there are better books out there and I honestly lack the desire to read the last few books!

twilight - Okay I know the fight over whether they suck or not but if you need to disappear in a book for a while and just don't care about anything else they are good for that!

Marked.jpghouse of night - Now the house of night series is fantastic! I loved it when I read it in high school!! Yes it is a teen book (no judgement allowed!!) but it is a great witch/wiccan/vampire book and a ton of fun to read! I loved all the books and was so sad to realize that the rest of the series had not been printed yet!! Yet another series I will have to buy for my collection when they are all printed!! Also I don't know If I really want to be excited about the fact this will be a movie!

TheCureForDeathByLightning.jpgThe Cure for Death by Lightening - good book! I liked it quite a bit and really wished it was longer! Although it was quite morbid and did have a few moments where it was WTF! Based in BC foothills it weaves together native american folklore and settler troubles of the time as well as focusing a small portion on the view of mental illness and marriages of the time.

When Autumn LeavesWhen Autumn Leaves by Amy Foster - Loved this book and want the other ones to come out now!!  Its a story about a community that is based on the pagan calender but lives a pretty neutral life, with the telling of 12 lives and the connectedness of a community! Makes you want to pack up and move to Avening! Unfortunatly although she had written several books for the series she felt it did not follow along with the idea of the book and decided to start over! :( But hopefully there will be a sequel soon!!

Summon the Keeper by Tanya Huff - Okay now this book is the most amazing book ever!! well maybe there is something slightly better but I have literally read this book to pieces! It is based in Ontario and is about a "witch" (not really but closest term!) who is trying to get out of her crappy job and cope with trying to be a 20 something and her family! Great read and series! The second book is summon the keeper and is just as good!  I have yet to find the third book (the long hot summoning) and want to read it something fierce! I will just have to wait and find all three to add to my collection!

       Tasha )O(

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