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July 11, 2013

Thoughts and update

So the sun has finally come back to the Okanagan and work is kicking my butt!! However, that does not stop my mind from running a million miles a minute! and the most recent tangent has been farming! I know my mind is always on the farm but honestly who doesn't want to be a farmer!! :D I know some of you are probably thinking "Dear god not me!" well that is cool too but farms are where your food comes from and with Monstanto and many other corporations controlling farmers and crops and ensuring they are genetically modified its hard not to want to farm in mind!  I mean the simple fact that food is now designed not to die when sprayed with tons (yes literally tons of round up!) of round up and then we eat that! Can't be healthy!!
        Just check out the facts: Here and here and here and here! Yuck!!  But hopefully this will happen!

  So if you can't tell that I want a farm and if you lived with me you would hear about how horrible Monstanto is and why we should grow our own food!! Alas I have to go to school and work and prepping all summer isn't really an option . . . . . YET!!  but that will never stop me from dreaming about it! so recently the dream is sheep!! Don't ask why just is!

The original sheep I wanted was the Scottish black faced sheep but alas you cant really import them because of a disease that is running its way though the herds in Switzerland! sad face :(
They are cute!!

The next sheep I can across was the Icelandic sheep, they are awesome! They are a triple use animal, that is easy to raise and can be used for milk meat and wool production.  They have a light taste with a mixed coat that is good for wedding shawls or baby clothes. As well they have rich milk that is excellent yogurt and cheese production. They have excellent leadership qualities and twins and triplets or more are common.
Yay!! Sheep plus they are small and cute!!


Plus they would look really cute with a bunch of these guys running around! Yup Icelandic sheep dogs! they are cute and practical!

And I mean if your gonna have Icelandic sheep and sheep dogs you might as well get a little Icelandic horse to ride as well!! Yup I know too much cuteness for one island but they did breed some cute animals them vikings!!


Okay well now that we are off topic (not that uncommon here!) the other sheep I was looking at was the  Shetland sheep.  They are a dual purpose animal used for fine wool and meat production. Small grazing sheep not used for commercial production. Twins are common in mature ewes.  It is a heritage breed of England and was proliferated during the iron age by Vikings. Yup just love the heritage breeds are a popular choice here!


Cute plus Shetland sheep dogs and ponies!! :D


The last sheep I was looking at was the Finnsheep or Finnish Landrace.  Bred for their fine wool and sheared twice a year, they are most likely to have twins and it can be common to birth up to 7 lambs.  (Australian fins are quite lean and are particularly worm resistant.)   


So there are the potential sheep! Of course now I got most of my family on this idea so I wouldn't put it past them thinking they could be farmers!  Now a quick update on whats growing here!

small potatoes they are much bigger now!


some snap dragons that are growing! it was a surprise!

Mint doing very well in its new home!

some basil! Hopefully it will grow!! 

sweet peas and a garlic bulb!!

some rosemary! 

Thyme loving its pot and location!

poor photo of the potatoes but they are bushy and huge!

My dads Virginia creeper! Doing great this year!

Whew that was long!  I will try and make sure that you all don't have to go another month without hearing from me!! 

         Tasha )O(

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