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September 9, 2013

command center!!

so a while ago I saw this amazing command center on pinterest!


I liked the overall feel of it and liked the chalkboard but felt the need to change it so I made This:

I defiantly recommend that I you want to make this LABEL EVERYTHING!! and follow her steps!!  Because it took me and my fabulous little brother FOUR excruciating  fun hours to put this together! It was a combination of miss cuts, salvaged wood, and tools that didn't work!!  turned out great but could have been much easier and faster!!  So I will show you a picture tutorial of what we did! I wont add in commentary because her instructions are much better and mine would be mostly things not to do!!

** a disclaimer! Please use new wood or wood of the proper measurements!! I have no affiliation with any tools featured these are simply tools my dad and grandfather had in their tool shed!

I used ceder fence panels for this because that is what I had on hand at the time and it was free!! other free items included: Brad nails and tools, ribbon, and loving support of little brother to use power tools!! (I am a power tool killer!! :( )
This I bout include: Cork board(enough to do 3 but I doubled mine up to make it deeper!), hard board because I could not find out door skin!, hangers and hinges! In total I spent about $60 at Rona!

Please enjoy the photos!!

   Tasha )O(

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