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September 27, 2013

Dream House ~ Exterior

So I decided to make a dream house Friday! I know something scheduled and not random!  I know you are all very excited! So I posted last Friday about home layouts and plans and this week will be on exterior treatments! Now each home plan comes with a plan for the exterior as well and sometimes the floor plan is amazing but the exterior sucks! Been there many times! But I don't fret because if you are building your own home you can change the exterior! Hello custom!!

Now this can be extravagant or simple changes you can go simple by changing the stone exterior or adding dormers! So here are some exterior treatments and styles I love!!

Now if you checked out my previous post you could see I like more of a craftsman, Nantucket, Victorian, lodgey feel!

Lake Home, Great Design
This is my most recent obsession! It is a fishing resort but I think it would be an amazing entrance!

Here is another lodge style with craftsman touches

Here is a Nantucket style with a breezeway/ porte chochere

This is a ranch style with a craftsman vibe! This is from The House of Smith's Which is an amazing blog and you should stop on by!

Love the garage doors and the stone.
I love the look of solid wood garage doors! Not to mention the stone!

Although I am not a huge fan of cities or apartments I love the brick and round windows!!

beautiful exterior
I like the look of all the stone as well as the columns!

wow. a girl can dream.
Here is another Nantucket style! Although I love the style it is very dark!

Here is a beachy Nantucket style! So calming looking!
Lovely entryway and stone work!!
Love the feel of this entrance!! So Homey!

So that is just a small snipit!! If you want to see more of my home style you can check out my pinterest page here!  What is your favorite exterior style!?

       Tasha )O(

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